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A Top Quality Range of Fuel Gauges & Sensor Alarms to Choose From

A fuel gauge and a sensor alarm are both extremely useful to ensure you are aware of exactly how much fuel your generator has. Without fuel, your generator cannot operate. And, without your generator, your business will not be able to operate during a power outage. There are a number of different sizes and models available from Generator Power Solutions. We only offer top quality products to our customers, and all at competitive prices.

More about our fuel gauges

You can choose from our mechanical fuel gauges, with or without a sensor alarm. The mechanical fuel gauges provide for both level measurement and level display without the need for a power supply. The mechanical fuel gauge is relatively small and can be attached inside the fuel tank. The different sized gauges are suitable for installation either in a metal tank or a plastic tank. There is a float on the inside of the gauge. This rises and falls according to the level of fuel within the tank, indicating precisely how much fuel is available. Carefully designed and manufactured, these products are high performance and made to last.

Add a sensor

The fuel gauges that include a sensor will let you know when there is insufficient fuel and needs to be refilled. A number of the sensors we offer allow for different level measuring and level display, including both a low and a higher level within the tank.

Moreover, you can choose from a number of different sensors including single tube sensors or from those that are included in the fuel gauge.

Benefits of fuel gauges and sensors

  • instant alert to a low level of fuel
  • top quality design and manufacture
  • durable materials used in manufacture to prevent corrosion
  • level of fuel within the tank can be monitored long distance with the sensor alarm feature

Ensuring your generator performs at its best during a power outage is made easy when you use our excellent quality products.

For more details about our different fuel gauges and sensor alarms, you are welcome to contact Generator Power Solutions today or Shop Online for Fuel Gauges and Sensors