630AMP 4POLE Automatic Changeover Switch
Automatic Changeover Switches

Automatic Changeover Switches (ATS)

Constant access to electric power is essential for any business, large or small. An automatic changeover switch will provide a reliable way of ensuring a continuous electrical supply from a power source, such as a generator, to a connected load circuit, such as electrical equipment, lights and computers. An automatic transfer switch must be large enough to handle the power and current the generators will produce. In today’s world, especially with constant power interruptions, a generator is an essential part of running your business smoothly. It is sensible to include an automatic changeover switch to this equipment. We offer a range of affordably priced, excellent quality and reliable automatic changeover switches.

Some Different Sizes of Automatic Changeover Switches on Offer:

• 100AMP 4POLE Automatic Changeover Switch – a small model, it can prioritise critical power systems such as lights, cooling and heating systems and essential equipment.
• 1600AMP 3POLE Automatic Changeover Switch – this ATS is designed for the larger generator, suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. If the generator is a small standby unit there may only be enough power for essential units and the ATS will have priority circuits which will then be powered. If the generator is large it may be able to power the entire building using a soft loading which will seamlessly transfer power from one source to another and back again.
• 2000AMP 4POLE Automatic Changeover Switch – it is one of the largest units produced in the YES1 range of automatic transfer switches. It has a fast transfer time of 1.2 seconds. This ATS provides a guaranteed supply of electricity to buildings and businesses that need a constant supply of electrical power.

There are numerous benefits to having an automatic transfer switch on your generator. With an automatic transfer switch you can be assured of safety, reliability and ease of use. There is no downtime where you have to manually switch on the generator. It can also be challenging to manually set the generator working in the dark, leading to accidents and possible injury. Best of all, it is convenient. This is true if the generator is housed away from the main area of business. An ATS will ensure the transfer to the generator is smooth and seamless.
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