Automatic Changeover Switches

Automatic Changeover Switches Range

An automatic changeover switch is a device that witches a load between two sources. There are both manual and automatic transfer switches. The automatic transfer switch is an essential piece of equipment hen your business needs a constant supply of electricity. With a manual changeover switch, you will have to switch on the generator yourself, causing delays. However, an automatic changeover switch will constantly monitor your power and if it senses a disruption in the supply, it will both safely and instantly change over to generator power.

Which automatic changeover switch is best?

It is essential to choose the right automatic transfer switch for your requirements. The transfer switch must be large enough to handle the power and current your generator produces. The choice between a three-pole or four-pole automatic transfer switch depends on the grounding scheme for the system. Simply put, a pole is a discrete switching position on the contactor where the utility, generator and load can be connected for one lead.

A large range to choose from:

The automatic changeover switches we have on offer are available in different sizes for different applications. Choose from 3 or 4 pole automatic transfer switches along with models that have current ratings from 100 AMPS to 2000 AMPS.

  • 2000AMP 4 pole automatic changeover switch. This is one of the largest models we have on offer. With a transfer time of 1.2 seconds, it provides a guaranteed supply of power to businesses that cannot afford to be without.
  • 1600AMP 3 pole automatic changeover switch. A suitable ATS for the larger business, it is however also suitable for both the home and the business.
  • 400 AMP 3 pole ATS. This is also a smaller unit and is best used in domestic applications for the continuous power supply to lights, cooling and heating and small appliances.
  • 100AMP 4 pole automatic transfer switch. This is a small model, however, it can be used for essential power systems such as the lights, heating and cooling as well as necessary equipment.

An automatic transfer switch saves you time, money and convenience. There is also no concern about the delay of the provision of a power supply.

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