Automatic Voltage Regulators

Automatic Voltage Regulators Range and Benefits

An automatic voltage regulator, or AVR, is a specific device that is designed to take the fluctuate voltage and change it to a constant voltage. The fluctuation of the voltage normally occurs when there is a variation on the load. This in turn can damage the equipment. An AVR ensures that the voltage remains stable and consistent. The most important function of an AVR is to automatically control your generators’ voltage and to keep the output constant. It will also help protect your electrical equipment protected from electrical surges.

Our AVR Range:

We offer a range of excellent quality AVRs that are designed for your peace of mind. With AVRs from highly regarded names such as Stamford, Leroy-Somer, Kutai, Caterpillar, Marelli, Mecc-Alte, Marathon and Engga, you are spoilt for choice. Each AVR we have on offer is of an excellent quality, carefully designed and affordably priced. All our AVRs on offer provide numerous benefits and, above all, help keep your business running smoothly during a power outage.

The smallest model we have is the 2KW AVR. An inexpensive yet high quality AVR, it also offers a very accurate output voltage regulation.

The largest AVR on offer is the DVR-2000 AVR Marathon. This particular AVR has four different control modes to ensure ease of use and stability.

The VR6GPS Caterpillar AVR is manufactured by one of the world’s leading companies. This AVR is known for its reliability and ease of use. It is also a lightweight model, weighing only 1.8 kg.

The UVR6GPS Mecc-Alte AVR, a smart looking Italian model, is regarded as an advanced blueprint electronic regulator. It ensures exceptional performance of the alternator while it is running and during start up as well.

Benefits of our AVRs

  • An AVR is essential in regulating and control your generator’s voltage.
  • It will help protect your electrical equipment from electrical surges, spikes or sags.
  • An automatic voltage regulator helps keep your business running smoothly and safely during a power outage.
  • They save you both time and money, providing peace of mind.

Ensure that your business equipment is safe from power surges and spikes. Speak to Generator Power Solutions today and find out more about our impressive range of AVRs.