Best Products for Your Generator to Help with Loadshedding
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Best Products for Your Generator to Help with Loadshedding

We all know that loadshedding is here to stay, no matter how often we grumble about it. The best way to combat the discomfort and inconvenience caused by loadshedding is to have the right equipment to ensure our generators continue to work as they should. Having a generator is a smart move for businesses and households alike. However, when your livelihood depends on a constant, regular flow of power, a generator is essential.

Having just a generator as it is isn’t sufficient to keep your power up and running during loadshedding. There are a number of components that are necessary to ensure that the generator can provide the needed power supply during a power outage.

Let’s take a look at the best products for your generator to keep operating smoothly during loadshedding.

  1. Automatic voltage regulator or AVR – this electronic device makes sure that the voltage level remains constant. An AVR will provide essential protection from damage caused by a surge in voltage.
  2. Automatic transfer switch – this will switch the load between two sources as soon as it senses a loss of power. It automatically disconnects the main power supply when your generator switches on. When power is restored, it will turn the generator back off.
  3. Battery charger – your generator still needs a charge to run. If the generator battery has run flat, the generator doesn’t have sufficient power to start. A quality battery charger will ensure that this never happens.
  4. Fuel gauge and sensor – without sufficient fuel, your generator cannot operate. In order to ensure that the generator never runs out of fuel, a fuel gauge is essential. Most fuel gauges come with a sensor and this means that when the fuel is below the right level for the generator to work properly, it will sound an alarm to alert you.

All in all, the above components play a large role in assisting your faithful generator run smoothly during loadshedding. It makes excellent sense to have these items on hand so that you are never out of power when you need it.

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