Generator Controls

How to Connect a SmartGen Controller

The SmartGen controller is designed for use with generator automation and monitoring. Before the benefits of this high quality product can be used, it must be correctly connected.

The system is relatively easy to install. The communication lines need to be connected to the system, the installation programme downloaded and the controller configured. It is then good to go.

First steps:

The wiring is connected to the controller terminals using pull-apart terminal blocks.

The unit is then mounted to panel front with 2 fixing clamps. Before the AC power is connected, ensure that the mains matches the SmartGen’s power supply factory settings.

Install the Software:

The software can be installed. It is best not to connect the controller to the PC via the USB cord before the software has been installed.

Open the installation file which is supplied on a disc with the device. Follow the instructions to launch the wizard and follow the prompts until the download is complete.

Connect the front panel USB port to the computer. Follow all prompted instructions to complete the installation.

Before connecting to the SmartGen controller, the software should be configured in correct communication mode.

The SmartGen controller uses 32-bit microprocessor technology. It fits with an SAE J1939 port. This port can communicate with multiple ECU (Engine Control Unit) units. It connects the genset connected to the internet. After the controller is logged in a cloud server, it can upload the data information at real-time to the corresponding cloud server.

Changing/setting parameters:

The majority of parameters can be set using the front panel and all the parameters can be set using a PC (through a USB port)

When using a PC to change or set the parameters, it is done through the software that was installed. There are different options within the menu that provide the required settings or configuration.

Alternatively, this can be done via the front panel. Pressing the required buttons allows the parameter setting mode. The security code is inputted and the parameter table will open. This then allows the user to make the necessary changes.

Once the desired parameter changes are complete, simply press the exit parameter button to complete the process.

Your GenSet controller is now ready for use.

For more details about connecting a SmartGen Controller, speak to Generator Power Solutions today or shop online for a SmartGen Controller.