How to Connect an Automatic Transfer Switch
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How to Connect an Automatic Transfer Switch

An automatic transfer switch is a worthwhile investment. It means that you don’t need to manually switch over to your generator when there is a power outage.

Installing an automatic transfer switch is similar to installing a manual transfer switch. The circuitry is the same as the manual type switch.

Step 1

Decide where you would like your transfer switch to be. Ideally, this should be in a convenient place, in a protected area. Make sure your electricity is switched off at the mains. Your transfer switch can be mounted to the wall. Use the supplied screws and pre-drilled holes in the metal.

Step 2

Choose the specific circuits that will be most needed during an outage to ensure your business operations continue to run smoothly. Take the red and black wires from the 2 breakers that feed your chosen circuits. You’ll need to also take the breakers’ corresponding ground and neutral wires from their busbars. Once you’ve pulled them from the main panel, transfer them to the new transfer switch panel. Put 30 Amp 220 Volt circuit breaker into the available space in the main panel.

Step 3

Remove the sheathing from 10/4 cable. Then thread it via the conduit that is between the two boxes. The green and white wires are the connected to their busbars in the main panel.

Step 4

Next, to the 30 amps breaker you’ll attach both the black and the red wires from the 10/4 cable. You’ll connect each of these in the transfer switch panel. The red, white and black wires will be connected to 3 different circuit breakers. Once this is done, connect the ground wire to its busbar. The 2 panels will be connected together with another ground wire.

The breakers are put alongside each other. They are also mechanically connected together. The same applies to the other 3 breakers. Connect the generator’s 10/4 220-V feed line to the last three breakers. This will be opposite to the 3 breakers connected to the main panel. These are then directed to the generator outlet.

For more details about installing an automatic transfer switch, speak to Generator Controls today.