Automatic Voltage Regulators

New Kipor AVR’s in Stock

For an excellent quality range of high performance automatic voltage regulators, have a look at our site. We have new Kipor AVRs in stock, perfect for your needs. As we continue to experience load shedding, the right type of back up power is essential. Business can continue as usual, thanks to your generator. To ensure your valuable equipment remains safe from electrical surges when the power does come back on, the use of an AVR is essential.

Kipor AVRs

This is where we can assist. We have top quality Kipor AVRS available in stock. They range in both size and capability. You can choose from the 3 k, 5 k, 10 k, 15 k, right up to the KI-DAVR-250S automatic voltage regulator.

What the Kipor automatic voltage regulator does is stabilise the voltage output of your generator. It helps when the load changes as your generator starts as well as when it is in operation. A modern unit, a Kipor AVR is a solid state device. Additionally, it uses a feed back control system so it measures the output voltage of your generator. It can compare the output voltage with a set point, and if there is a variation it will produce an error signal. This is used to adjust the excitation of your generator. It also allows for a high level of control in the output voltage. This is because when the excitation current in the field winding of the generator increases, so does the terminal voltage.

Why use a Kipor AVR?

Using an AVR means that you can be sure that there’ll be a constant voltage level to your electrical equipment where a reliable and uninterrupted voltage supply is necessary. The Kipor AVRs we have on offer will regulate the variations in the voltage to ensure a steady and constant supply.

It is essential that the AVR you choose is of an excellent quality. Choosing a Kipor AVR means exactly that. With a Kipor AVR, you can be sure you won’t be left in the dark when the power goes out, and you can continue with your daily business. Moreover, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your essential equipment is protected from damage when the power returns.

For more details on how we can assist you with Kipor AVRs, speak to Generator Power Solutions today.