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New Temperature Sensors and Pressure Sensors

Your generator is a vital piece of equipment. It ensures that your business continues to run smoothly when there is a power outage. However, to ensure that you and your business get the most out of your generator, there are a number of components that it should have to ensure its protection. One of these is a temperature sensor.  Yet another is a pressure sensor.

What are they exactly?

A temperature sensor is an essential component of your generator. Its main function is to monitor the water temperature within the generator.  The pressure sensor is another component that protects your generator. It measures the pressure of the oil in your generator. If there is insufficient oil, a warning light or alarm will display on the controller display. Additionally, not having enough oil means increased wear on your generator.

New Temperature Sensors

We’ve added 6 new temperature sensors to our stock. These are:

  • KE000104
  • KE000120
  • KE000124
  • KE000125
  • KE000128
  • KE000131
  • KE000132
  • KE000133

Each of these is made from brass and those with alarm features have double plate metal connectors. In addition, each one has the protection rank: IP67. This is one of the highest levels offered by the IP range. It means that offers complete protection against ingress from dust, water and liquids.

Easy to install, accurate, and, as they’re made from high quality brass, they will not corrode.

Their rate voltage is 6V to 24V.  The temperature response time is a minimum of 3 minutes after power supply is engaged. In addition, the tolerance for the temperature alarm is +-3°C and the switch of the alarm turns off when the temperature rises.

New Pressure Sensors

On offer are:

  • KE21103
  • KE21107
  • KE2111 1
  • KE21135

The pressure sensors we have on offer provide a number of plus points. They offer excellent anti-vibration performance, a long service life, stability and durability. In addition, they are easy to assemble, and have a wide range of operating temperatures. Each has the protection rank of IP66.

Ensure you have the right components for the optimum performance of your generator and choose from our new pressure and temperature sensors.

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