1000W Water Heater 230V

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The 1000W Water Heater 230V has been designed for use in climates where the temperature gets lower than 4 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the engine coolant and lubrication may condense into a solid state and lose their lubricating and cooling properties. This may very well damage the engine. The 1000W Water Heater 230V should be installed to ensure normal starting and running of the engine.  One of the best methods of ensuring a generator starts easily and quickly is to keep the engine warm. It has been recommended that standby generator set systems should be heated. In cases where a standby generator could be needed at any time it is imperative to have a water heater keeping the water at a reasonable temperature to allow instant start up.
Characteristics and Features of the 1000W Water Heater 230V
The 1000W Water Heater 230V series is manufactured of a fine cast aluminium enclosure with high corrosion resistance and high and low temperature capabilities. There are stainless steel inner pipes and end closures with high corrosion resistance.  The coolant temperature is controlled by a thermostat that is installed inside the heater. The unit has lights to indicate the power and heating status. There is a thermostat built into the water heater which protects the unit from overheating and dry heating. There are a number of ways that the product can be mounted which makes it particularly versatile. The 1000W Water Heater 230V can function normally at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. The 1000 Watt water heater is powerful yet compact.
Importance of using the 1000W Water Heater 230V
This eminently affordable water heater will save you money by protecting the generator from overheating and becoming damaged through non function of the cooling system. Overheating can completely destroy a generator and the cost of replacement can be great. The water heater makes sure that the cooling liquids are always in the correct state to be used whenever the generator switches on. Many generators automatically start running whenever the power shuts down and to be prepared at all times requires the use of this unit. Order the 1000W Water Heater 230V from Generator Parts today.

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