2200W Water Heater 230V

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2200W Water Heater 230V enjoys a wide application on various engine coolant pre-heaters. It is manufactured of a fine cast aluminium enclosure with a self extinguishing engineering plastics end closure. There are multiple ways to install the unit and it is easy and convenient to use.  It has cast stainless steel inner pipes and the end closure has a high corrosion resistant rating. There are power and heating light indicators which make it easy to see the heater status.  It also has a water drain valve with a seal ring on the bottom to enable easy drainage when necessary. The unit is suitable for various engines with a displacement of between 0 and 13.1 litres.
Technical specifications of the 2200W Water Heater 230V
This unit has a rated power of 2200 Watts. The rated voltage is 230 to 250 volts and the rated current is 9 Amps. It has a thermostat point of around 40 degrees Celsius with a temperature switch operating range of reset at about 25 degrees Celsius give or take 6 degrees and a disconnect temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius give or take 3 degrees. The overheating switch operating temperature range is reset at around 80 degrees Celsius and disconnects at about 95 degrees Celsius. The unit is light at only 1.2kg in weight. The physical dimensions are 203mm x 150mm x 177mm.
Benefits of using the 2200W Water Heater 230V
In an environmental temperature of 4 degrees Celsius the engine coolant lubricants are likely to coagulate into a semi solid state which hampers the cooling effect. This can cause damage to the engine as it will heat up dangerously before the cooling liquid reaches a state where is can function correctly. Having the water heater installed will ensure that the temperature remains in a constant state of readiness no matter the outside temperature.  The 2200W Water Heater 230V model is available in four different sizes. There is 1000W Water Heater 230V as well. Order the 2200W Water Heater 230V from Generator Parts today.

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