2KW Single Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator – Small Generator

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A voltage regulator is an electronic circuit that provides a stable DC voltage independent of the current load, temperature and AC line voltage variations. Generators used as a standby power supply will have an automatic voltage regulator to stabilise the voltage as the load on the generator varies.  The original automatic voltage regulators were electromechanical systems but modern day voltage regulators use a solid state device. This feedback control system measures the output voltage of the generator, compares it with a set point and generates an error signal that is used to adjust the excitation of the generator. As the excitation current in the field winding of the generator increases, the terminal voltage of the generator also increases.
Reasons for using the 2KW AVR
The AVR is at the heart of devices called power stabilisers. These units will often be combined with one or more other power quality components like a surge protector that will stop the power surge from damaging the electronic components of the unit. It can also be combined with a short circuit protection or circuit breaker to switch the power off should there be dangerous fluctuations.  They will help with phase to phase voltage balancing which prevents unwanted phase imbalance which can damage the generator or alternator.  All these units are used to ensure that the automatic voltage regulator and generator work harmoniously. Problems are suppressed before they can develop.
Benefits of using the 2KW AVR
There are many factors that contribute to the need for automatic voltage regulators. The main reason is financial as any business wants to avoid having to replace expensive equipment that has been damaged due to a voltage fluctuation. Electronics are found in most machinery today and this includes office machines. A surge in power can cause them to heat up and blow components necessitating replacement. You need to protect the expensive components of your machines and the automatic voltage regulator ensures that the voltage received by them is stable and correct without any surges in power which could cause unnecessary and costly downtime. Order a 2KW AVR online or, contact Generator Parts today.

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