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The ADC 225 12V actuator series are universal electrical actuators manufactured by Governors America Corp. Featuring fast responses and proven reliability, these products are precision-made and offer more defined control. The ADC 225 12V actuator series is ideal for multi-plunger fuel pumps and carburettors.
ADC 225 12V actuator specifications
The ADC 225 12V actuator offers high performance with a maximum of 2.7 Nm (2.2 ft-lb) net torque available (without the return spring), and maximum operating shaft travel of 25° rotation. The operating voltage input is 12 VDC with normal operating current input of 3.0 Amps, and has a maximum current of 8.0 Amps. It operates at a temperature range of -54°C to +95°C (-65°F to +200°F), with relative humidity of up to 100. All surface finishes are fungus-proof and corrosion resistant. All 12V actuators in the ADC 225 series have either commercial or Packard connectors. The actuator can be mounted in any position, but recommended positions position the electrical connector at the top.
Electric actuators to boost performance
Electrical actuators such as the ADC 225 12V actuator series are some of the cleanest actuators as they do not directly incorporate oil and other fossil fuels, making these products and economical and environmentally sound choice. Electric actuators also offer several distinct advantages over other types of actuators, as their speed and acceleration are controlled and predictable. They are structurally economical as there is no need for compressed air. Governors America Corp use tried-and-tested designs that provide proportional actuator movement based on actuator coil current, allowing for heightened reliability and consistency. Designed to outlive the life of the engine, the ADC 225 12V actuator series is 100{0ccce4a5d9de31f7b71b100574ca4c8100788d2fb4564b829b6ca746c4b1f3b0} tested and quality guaranteed. These actuators are all easy to install and require no maintenance. Installed on an engine, an ADC 225 12V actuator enables high performance speed control system results. Order an ADC 225 12V actuator from IEP Power Products now.

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