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The ADC 225 is an electric actuator with rotary out, linear torque and proportional servo.   It can be integrated into a closed loop control system. An engine control system can be described as follows. An electrical signal is generated by a magnetic speed sensor which is proportional to engine speed. It is powered by a motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical torque. The electrical energy is used to actuate equipment such as multi turn valves. It is one of the cleanest and most readily available forms of actuator because it does not involve oil. The design has no sliding parts and is totally sealed giving outstanding reliability results. A single compression spring is used to improve reliability and no maintenance is necessary.
Performance Metrics for Actuators
Performance metrics for actuators include speed, acceleration and force alternately, angular speed, angular acceleration and torque as well as energy efficiency. Other considerations are mass, volume operating conditions and durability. When considering force in actuators two main metrics should be considered. They are static and dynamic loads. Static load is the force capability of the actuator while not in motion. Conversely the dynamic load of the actuator is the force capability while in motion. The two aspects rarely have the same weight capability and must be considered separately. Speed should be considered primarily at a no load pace since the speed will invariably decrease as the load amount increases. The rate at which the speed will decrease will directly correlate with the amount of force and the initial speed.
Specifications for ADC 225 24 V Actuator

Available torque is 2.7 Nm
Power input of 24 Volts dc
Normal operating current is 1.5 Amps at 24 Vdc
Maximum current continuously rated is 4 Amps at 24 Volts dc
Temperature range is between -54 degrees Celsius up to 95 degrees Celsius
Relative humidity is up to 100.
All surface finishes are fungus proof and corrosion resistant
Weight is 3.75kg

This extremely reliable and maintenance free unit is strong and durable and very affordable. Order a ADC 225 24V Actuator from Generator Parts now.

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