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AS440GP Alternative Stamford Automatic Voltage Regulator

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In large-scale industrial or manufacturing settings, the AS440 AVR Stamford can be a lifesaver. For domestic use, a single generator can meet your emergency needs, but if you’re in a factory or even an apartment block, one unit won’t do it. Not only that, but you need a simple system that will allow you to operate all your generators from a single point. This AVR unit has a feature that allows you to link multiple generators and adjust them all using a single control point. If you buy a Stamford Cummings generator head from the UC224 or UC274 series, you’ll get this AVR unit as a standard add-on. However, it can still be bought separately for other generators.
Why the AS440 Stamford Automatic Voltage Regulator stands out
The AS440 AVR STAMFORD is favoured for its ability to parallel itself with multiple generators. To make it even more convenient, each linked generator will have its own separate terminal. This means they can all be controlled from a single panel, but they can also be individually manipulated to suit the specific generator needs. This can be helpful in apartment blocks where each house has its own electrical needs. It’s also key industrially, since each connected generator has different desired power outputs. AVRs aren’t just used at the mains power source. You can buy multiple units and install them at different points along the power chain for increased safety. You might choose to position AVRs near the feeder and transformer in addition to the generator itself.
Self-starting and manual starting options
Due to the way the AS440 AVR STAMFORD is set up, it can start up automatically or be manually started depending on user preferences. Different models offer either self-excited stator winding or auxiliary winding. Using multiple positioning for the AVR units helps to regulate different voltage needs at different points of the electrical system. These units work well with brushless alternators custom-built by Stamford. AVR units that have separate starters may have PMG (Permanent Magnet Generators) mounted on their shafts. All AVRs are insulated against salt, sand, moisture, and vibration.

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