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The droop current transformer is an essential piece of equipment where a series of generators run in parallel. This is the most economical and fuel efficient way to run generators that are there as a backup system. The reliability of the system is enhanced by having a droop current transformer as the individual units may be taken off line where needed and a failure of one of the generators will not leave the plant without power. Multiple parallel generators greatly improve economy as each generator is run at near its full capacity maximising the fuel efficiency.
Benefits of the BCZ-003 DROOP KIT CT400
The lifespan of the generators are enhanced by running them at a constant load with little variation. This prohibits loading of just one of the units and all are equally loaded below the maximum. Maintenance which is imperative for all machinery and must be done on a regular basis to ensure good working order is simple with a parallel system. Each generator can be removed from the system without any loss of power or severe loading on the other units. This allows maintenance to be done regularly and in sequence.  The output of each generator is controlled by the droop current transformer and is usually set at a specific percentage of the output. As this is the same for all the units no matter their power rating they all produce an efficient quantity of power without excessive loading.
Characteristics of the BCZ-003 DROOP KIT CT400
This unit is durable and of the highest standard made with quality materials. It will run with an AVR which will control the current voltage and current output. Droop compensation is set as a percentage of the nominal voltage for maximum reactive power generated. The droop compensation is a control technique designed to allow all generators in the system to operate at an efficient level. Multiple generators cannot run as a system without a droop current transformer as the units will be producing different current and voltage and there will not be a smooth delivery of the needed power. Order your BCZ-003 droop CT from Generator Parts today.

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