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Parallel standby power systems have always provided significant advantages of single large generator units. To run a generator system with multiple units a droop CT is necessary. This allows each machine to work at a preset load percentage. All machines are set to run at the same load percentage thereby prohibiting any one machine from working harder than another. This synchronisation and load balancing of units enables them to be fuel efficient and to run at the optimum load point.
Benefits of the BCZ-004 DROOP KIT CT600
There are a number of benefits in running multiple generators in parallel. The reliability of the system is hugely improved by having multiple units instead of a single large unit. All generators need to be regularly maintained and serviced and having only one unit can create down time for a factory. If there are a series of generators then they can be taken off line, unit by unit, and a routine maintenance schedule can be maintained without any loss of power. If one of the machines develops a fault it can be removed from the system with no power loss. If the demand for power grows the business does not need to replace a large generator with an even larger and more costly model as another modestly priced unit can simply be added.
Characteristics of the BCZ-004 DROOP KIT CT600
The units do not have to be placed together in one space and can therefore be located in smaller facilities or wherever there is space in the factory. A separate room or building is not necessary for smaller units. The units need to be synchronised and must have the same frequency phase and voltage. Equal loads must be carried by each machine and circulating currents must be kept to a minimum. The droop CT will enable the multiple units to work together in harmony as one efficient power source. Droop load sharing is the most efficient method of running parallel generators together as it also protects the units and controls the output power and voltage to the necessary level. Order your BCZ-004 droop CT from Generator Parts today.

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