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There are many reasons why a system of multiple generators is used in providing power to a factory. When the generators are connected together in parallel they can provide the required power for a factory. One of the frequently used methods is passive load sharing or droop load sharing. This is a characteristic of a generator and describes the variation of either power or voltage with speed of rotation. The speed of rotation determines the frequency and droop is often defined aas a change of output power with frequency.
Characteristics of BCZ-005 droop CT
As the load increases, the speed of the generator and therefore the frequency will decrease. In the isochronous case the control system will adjust the operation of the machine to maintain the frequency at a set point. In a droop load sharing system the proportion of the load carried by each machine is determined by the droop characteristic of the machine. The operation of droop controlled load sharing can be understood by considering the case of two machines connected in parallel. If the two machines have similar ratings and the same droop characteristics the load sharing is equal.
Benefits of BCZ-005 droop CT
The benefits of running a set of generators in parallel are numerous and begin with the cost of the machines. Smaller machines are generally cheaper to purchase than a single large generator. The machines can be taken out of service for maintenance and repair without affecting the power output in any way. Should there be a need for more power further machines can be purchased and installed with the current generators rather than having to decommission a single large generator and installing a very costly and more powerful single unit. Each machine is run efficiently and therefore costs less to run. Each machine is set to produce power at an optimum level which causes minimal stress on the generator. Should a generator fail during power supply there should be no marked change in the power supply as the other machines will compensate and carry on providing the necessary output. Order a BCZ-005 Droop CT from Generator Parts today.

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