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DG274C Single Bearing Dingol Alternator – 100KVA/80KW

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Dingol alternators are world renown for their advanced design, manufacturing quality and total reliability. The Dingol range of brushless synchronous alternators sets the standard for quality craftsmanship and rugged performance, and all at affordable prices too. A Dingol alternator is designed for reliable performance, even under the harshest of conditions, and can be used anywhere in the world.
Special features of Dingol alternators
Dingol alternators employ self-excitation systems in order for the main stator to provide power via the AVR (automatic voltage regulator) to the exciter stator. Positive build up from initial low levels of residual voltage is ensured by the high efficiency of the semiconductors of the AVR. The three phase full wave bridge rectifier, which feeds the exciter rotor output to the main rotor, is protected by a high quality surge suppressor. The Dingol range covers ratings from 5.4KVA to 2830KVA, 50Hz/60Hz with class H insulation as standard. What makes a Dingol alternator especially efficient is the innovative addition of several special features, which includes:

Power Input: 88.5KW @ 400V
Three Phase
Advanced AVR control for hassle-free operation, even under high demands and tough conditions
Easy paralleling with mains or other generators
Conforms to all leading industrial standards, including meeting the requirements of BS5000 part 3, VDE0530, IEC34-1.
Simple installation and maintenance, with easy to access terminals, rotating diodes and coupling bolts
Standard 2/3 pitch windings to avoid excessive neutral currents
One slot stator skewing to further reduce harmonics
Dynamically balanced rotors, with sealed-for-life ball bearings and single or two-bearing construction
Wide range of flange adaptors and single bearing coupling discs
Exciter’s stator is manufactured using permanent magnetic steel for easy starting under any conditions
Only supplied for the generator drive engines

Find Dingol alternators at Generator Parts
Dingol alternators are available in South Africa, exclusive to Generator Parts. Dingol alternators are ideal for any environment and application, with particularly excellent proven results in telecommunications, marine, railway and oil industries. Dingol is constantly optimising not only their design and quality standards, but also their costs, and at Generator Parts, we do the same to bring you the most affordable solutions. To find the Dingol alternator model that best suits your needs, contact Generator Parts today.

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