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This unit is a 24 Volt continued rated 2 coil solenoid. Different models of generators will use an appropriate solenoid that has been design specifically for the voltage and current of that particular machine.  All engines will require some sort of solenoid to allow the starter motor to transfer power to the main generator engine. The solenoid can take the small electrical current from the battery and use it to set the engine in motion. The function is the same as a transistor but using an electromagnetic solenoid rather than a semiconductor to perform the switching. When the start button is pushed a small electric current is sent through the solenoid. This causes the solenoid to close a pair of heavy contacts thus relaying a large electric current which sets the engine in motion.
Benefits of using an E4621Am3 solenoid
These units are relatively inexpensive to replace when necessary. Wear and tear and the number of cycles the unit has performed can lead to failure. This is easily remedied. In order to establish whether the solenoid is functioning correctly it can be removed and bench tested or it can be tested in situ. Both methods are acceptable and it is at the technician’s discretion to determine the best approach to use. If a solenoid is especially difficult to remove and re-install it may be better to investigate other possible causes of the generator failing to start before removing and testing the solenoid. At other times, especially from the solenoid manufacturer perspective it may make more sense to bench test the solenoid and eliminate it as a source of the problem.
Characteristics of the E4621AM3 Solenoid
This solenoid has been made for use with a 24 Volt battery. It will not generate enough power to turn the engine if used with a 12 Volt battery. They are however an integral part of the generator, alternator or engine. Although they are small components in a large machine they are imperative to the smooth running and functioning of a generator. They are usually used in an energised ‘to run’ situation and when the generator is turned on the solenoid is energised.

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