EA16AGP Kutai Universal Automatic Voltage Regulator

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The EA 16 AVR is an update of the EA15A AVR. It is similar to the original EA15A in power and voltage sensing capabilities but with new enhanced paralleling functions the user can select the connection terminal inputs either 1 & 5 amps or the new A1 & A2 analogue signal inputs. It has new over voltage excitation safety circuits to prevent damage caused by the accidental detachment of the sensing wires or AVR controls current by using power electronics devices. This is generally done by using a small part of the generator’s output to provide current for the field winding. Where a generator is connected in parallel with other sources, changing the excitation has more effect on the reactive power produced than on the terminal voltage which is mostly set by the connected power system.
EA16 Kutai Universal Automatic Voltage Regulator Specifications
This innovative machine has 170 – 510 VAC (Volts Alternating Current) through 2 wire single phase and the voltage is selected through the DIP switch which has 4 settings. The frequency of either 50 or 60 Hertz is also selected on the DIP switch. The power input is anywhere between 60 and 300 VAC by single phase on 2 wires.  The output is a maximum of 90 volts DC at 240 volts AC input.  The current is continuous 16A with an intermittent 20 amp for 10 seconds. The resistance is a minimum of 5 Ohm. It has a soft start ramp time of 2 seconds and the entire unit only weighs 450g.
Benefits of using the EA16 Kutai Universal Automatic Voltage Regulator
This neat and well crafted self excited 16 amp analogue / digital voltage regulator is manufactured in Taiwan, world renown for exacting and precise manufacture. The Kutai Electronic Industry is ISO 9001 regulated and has proven its products over many years. The unit is for use in almost any 170 to 510 voltage alternating current brushless generators and has paralleling compatibility. The manual has easy to use connection and adjustment and setting instructions which are to the point and in excellent English. This makes it easy to install and comes with diagrams for various alternate connections.

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