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The EG3000 is an electronic speed controller designed for precise speed control of diesel, gas, and gasoline (petrol) engines. The EG3000 installed together with a magnetic pickup (MPU) and an actuator form the engine governor assembly. The EG3000 has adjustable Idle Speed and adjustable fuel limiting function for controlling engine smoke and vibration during start.

The EG3000 controller receives the engine speed signal from a magnetic pickup (MPU). This rotational speed is compared with the setting in the EG3000 and any difference results in an output to the actuator to change the speed. DIP Switch settings on the EG3000 are used to select the frequency range for the MPU.
Specifications of the EG3000 Speed Controller

Operating Voltage
12 or 24 VDC ±20%
Output Current
0.5 ~ 15 A
Run Speed Adjustment range
Speed adjustment Potentiometer (30 turn)
4 Segment Dip Switch Adjustable From 600 ~ 9500 Hz.
Idle Speed Adjustment Range
Run Speed 30 ~ 85%
Ramp Time
3 ~ 20 Sec
Remote Speed Pot
Ext. Remote speed pot terminal 6, 7, 8 (ILS) and 6, 7, 9
connect a 5KΩ potentiometer ±5% adjustment range.
Temp. Stability
<0.01% Run Speed Stability ± 0.25 % at steady state MPU input signal 1 ~ 120VAC RMS Droop 4% Settings Run Speed, IDLE Speed, Ramp Time, Droop, PID settings : Gain, Integration (INT.), Differentiation (DIF.) Mechanical Vibration 1G @ 18 ~ 30 Hz, 2.5G @ 48 ~ 70 Hz Relative Humidity < 95% Operating Temperature -40 ~ 85℃ Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85℃ Dimensions 147mm L * 114mm W * 50mm H Weight 690g ± 2% Installation Instructions Protect the EG3000 by installing it inside the engine instrument control panel. Mount the Actuator close to the engine fuel system. Consult the instructions from the actuator manufacturer for installation. Choose a point on the actuator control arm at which it can rotate freely and provide both minimum and maximum fuel supply (Do not “bottom out” the actuator-leave at least 2-3 degrees before the On and Off positions). Usea linear link age for diesel pumps. Use a Non-Linear linkage on gas engines to obtain low Gain at light loads and high Gain at heavy loads. Mount the MPU on the flywheel housing to measure the rotational speed of teeth on the ring gear. (The timing gear housing can also be used if flywheel housing cannot be accessed.)

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