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This unit is a 12 Volt 2 coils push pull solenoid. The solenoid is basically an electromagnet that is made of a big coil of copper wire with an armature in the middle. The armature is normally a slug of steel or iron. When the coil is energised the slug is pulled into the centre of the coil. This enables the solenoid to pull from one end or push from the other. This type of solenoid is particularly strong and is activated with a 12 Volt battery. When the current is applied the solenoid moves and when it is removed it springs back to the original position. Many solenoids will only push or pull but this model can work in either direction. It has the reputation for being one of the most durable solenoids.
Characteristics of the 12V Push Pull Solenoid 2 Wire
This is one of the most robust linear solenoids and is well suited to heavy duty applications. The magnetic design allows for high holding force at a comparably low current. Therefore push pull solenoids are ideal for applications for which power consumption and heat dissipation are critical. The function is the same as a transistor but using an electromagnetic solenoid rather than a semiconductor to perform the switching. When the start button is pushed a small electric current is sent through the solenoid. This causes the solenoid to close a pair of heavy contacts thus relaying a large electric current which sets the engine in motion.
Benefits of using the 12V Push Pull Solenoid 2 Wire
The unit is strong and can take many cycles of stopping and starting before it may need replacing. The units are comparatively reasonably priced. Always be sure to check the serial number on the solenoid so that you are sure to replace it with the correct unit. It is best to check the solenoid first to determine whether it is the solenoid at fault or the battery. Without a solenoid the battery power is insufficient to turn the motor and the generator will not start. These small components are none the less imperative to the smooth starting of most generators and alternators.

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