ESD5131 GAC Alternative Speed Controller

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The ESD5131 GAC Speed Controller is a derivation of the standard GAC ESD 5111 Speed Control Unit. All specifications, installation procedures, and adjustments, except those noted are identical. The ESD5131 comes with DIP switches which allow for the selection of the Lead Circuit and Soft Coupling features. The ESD5111 comes with the Lead circuit already enabled via a jumper across posts E7 and E6.
Specifications of the ESD5131 GAC Speed Controller

Isochronous Operation ±0.25 % or better
Speed Range /Governor 1 K – 7.5 K Hz Continuous
Speed Drift with Temperature ±0.5 % Typical
Idle Adjust CW MIN 1200 Hz Below set speed
Idle Adjust CCW MIN. 4100 Hz Below set speed
Droop Range 1 – 5 % Regulation
Droop Adj. MAX (K-L Jumpered) 875 Hz., ±75 Hz per 1.0 A change
Droop Adj. MIN (K-L Jumpered) 15 Hz., ±6 Hz per 1.0 A change
Speed Trim Range ±200 Hz
Remote Variable Speed Range 500 – 3.7 kHz
Terminal Sensitivity J, L, N, P
115 Hz., ±15 Hz/V @ 5 K Impedance
735 Hz., ±60 Hz/V @ 65 K Impedance
148 Hz., ±10 Hz/V @ 1 M Impedance
10 V DC Supply @ 20 mA Max
DC Supply 12 or 24 V DC Battery Systems (Transient – Reverse Voltage Protected)
Polarity Negative Ground (case isolated)
Power Consumption 100 mA (No actuator current)
Speed Signal Range 0.5 – 50 V AC
Actuator Current Range 10 A Peak @ 77 ° F [25 °C]
Speed Signal Range 1.0 to 50.0 V AC
Weight 1.2 lbf
Mounting Any Position, vertical preferred Reliability
Vibration 1 G, 20 – 100 Hz
Testing 100 % Functionally Tested
Ambient Temperature -40° to +185 °F [-40° to +85 °C]
Relative Humidity up to 95 %
All Surface Finishes Fungus proof and corrosion resistant
RoHS Regulation Compliant

When wiring ESD5100 Series controllers:

Use shielded cable for all external connections to the ESD controller.
One end of each shield, including the speed sensor shield, should be grounded to a single point on the ESD case.
Do not over-tighten terminals. Torque to no greater than 9.0 in-lb ±2.5 [1.01 ±0.28 N∙m].

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