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F/JYS00071/6 Flange 6-Hole for MG & MGS

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A mechanical gauge is a device used to show certain information. There are a number of different types such as the analogue instrument meter. This used to be the most common basic type of measuring gauge but has been superseded by more modern designs. A digital instrument meter has an analogue display which is commonly used in modern aircraft and some hospital equipment. A digital instrument meter has only numbers on a digital display and an analogue instrument meter with digital display only displays numbers through a mechanical or electromechanical display. The mechanical gauge combines level measurement and level display into one unit without the need for a power supply. A high and low alarm via contacts can be added according to requirements. These gauges are frequently used as indicators of fuel or oil levels on generators and engines.
Features of F/JYS00071/6 Flange 6-Hole for MG & MGS
The body of the unit is an aluminium alloy which is strong and durable and is not readily susceptible to corrosion. This allows it to operate accurately without maintenance for lengthy periods of time. The gauge has an accuracy of 5 % which allows for near perfectly correct readings. The flange used for mounting the gauge to the tank is a six hole standard flange which is available in metric or BSP sizes. The flanges also come in a welding flange option where there is sufficient metal and space to attach the unit. The length of the unit ranges from 120mm long to 940mm long will fit almost all standard fuel or oil tanks. The alarm switch which is an optional extra is set to a 1/10 and 9/10 range with a 0.5 Amp requirement.
Benefits of using a F/JYS00071/6 Flange 6-Hole for MG & MGS
The flange size is standard and the unit can be secured using a M45 thread standard screw. If required the flange can also be obtained in imperial sizes and uses a BSP one and a half inch thread as standard. Order your F/JYS00071/6 Flange 6-Hole for MG & MGS online or, contact Generator Parts today.

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