F/JZM0429/W Welding Flange 15MM

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Every generator needs a fuel tank and every fuel tank needs a mechanical gauge. This is attached to the fuel tank to show the current level of fuel. The mechanical gauge is usually attached by means of a flange and this can be either a screw in model or a welding flange. The welding flange is used where the metal of the tank is thick enough to safely weld the metal flange onto a suitable part of the tank where it will not interfere with day to day operations. The gauge is then attached to the tank using the flange to secure it in a manner that is both stable and immoveable. The flange needs to be positioned in a place that is easily accessible to quick visual checks.
Characteristics of F/JZM0429/W Welding Flange 15MM
The flange is of a thickness and quality to enable fixture to the top of a metal fuel, water or oil tank. By welding the flange onto the tank it cannot easily be separated and will hold the gauge steady no matter what accidents it may be subjected to. The flange is also available in a 6 hole version which can be screwed into a tank made from materials other than metal. The flange must be welded in such a way that there is no possibility of leakage and should therefore be correctly sealed. This will stop liquid from escaping and air and dirt from entering.
Benefits of using a FJZM0429-W WELDING FLANGE 15mm
The unit is light but very strong and can easily be welded in place. The mechanical gauge is securely fitted to the flange and will indicate the level of liquid in the tank. An alarm may be attached to the mechanical gauge to indicate either a high or low level. This can be especially beneficial for fuel and will warm the operator timeously when the level drops to a point where the operation of the machine is in imminent danger of ceasing. This will allow for refilling at the soonest possible time. Order your FJZM0429-W Welding Flange 15MM only or, contact Generator Parts today.

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