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The fan is a very important part of the generator or alternator. It has been especially manufactured to fit onto the shaft and rotate the blades to draw in air. This has the result of moving the air over parts of the generator or alternator that heat up during operation. All machines generate heat as a consequence of friction of the moving parts and generally the faster the movement the higher the friction and the hotter the machine will get. Major damage can be done to the machine if it gets too hot. Varnish can melt and the covering on wires can begin to smoulder. The machine should switch off long before it reaches this stage.
Benefits of an FSH101 fan
The unit is inexpensive and does not often need changing. If, by accident someone breaks one of the veins of the fan do not use the machine until a new fan has been fitted. The fan is perfectly balanced and will cause vibration in the machine which could damage bearings. The fan is usually on the end of the shaft and can quickly be removed and a new one fitted. Make sure the replacement fan is the correct make and model for the machine as it needs to fit perfectly. A cheap fan that is not an exact fit may slip causing friction and heat generation. This can cause the fan to start melting around the shaft.
Characteristics of the FSH101 fan
In small machines the fan is usually made of a nylon or plastic type of material. It is heat resistant to a certain point. The unit is finely balanced in order to cause no vibration on the shaft. The veins are necessarily delicate as their only task is to create an air current which removes the heated air from the machine and replaces it with cooler ambient air. The air intake and exhaust must never be covered or the hot air will not be able to exit the machine leading to a build up of heat and a potentially damaging situation. Order from Generator Parts today.

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