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Your generator may need a FSH102 fan. All generators require a fan as well as water and oil to keep the engine cool. The fan can be made of nylon, plastic or aluminium and is perfectly balanced to avoid vibration when fitted to the motor. As the fan spins it draws in air which cools the unit. There should never be any item blocking the air intake or the air exit area of the generator as the cool air will either not be able to get in or the hot air will not be able to get out. Never use the fan to lever any part of the generator or try to lift the generator by the fan. Vanes may break off and this will create a vibration on the shaft which will lead to excess stress on the bearings and eventual failure.
Benefits of using the FSH102 fan
These units are inexpensive to replace and the fans could become brittle over time when the vanes may snap off without harsh handling.  They are easy to replace and will often use a split pin or a small bolt to secure them to the shaft. They may also have an internal parallel keyway in the fan which will correspond to the keyseat in the shaft.  This is to ensure that the fan is secured onto the shaft and will not turn independently of the shaft. If the fan is not properly secured the heat may melt the bore and make it too large to operate efficiently.
Characteristics of a FSH102 fan
The unit has a standard number of vanes and is made of very durable material. Although the units are very affordable they are made from high grade materials and each fan is perfectly balanced at the manufacture site. Never fit a fan to a unit it has not been designed for by modifying the fins as this will create an imbalance in the generator and will lead to catastrophic failure of the bearings. Order from Generator Parts today.

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