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GAVR-25A Universal AVR

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Item Type: Automatic Voltage Regulator Induction Input Voltage: 220/400VAC, 1 phase 2 wires
Power Input Voltage: 180-240VAC, 1 phase 2 wires
GAVR-25A Universal AVR Output

Voltage: Maximum 90VDC at 240VAC input
Continuous Current: 6A
Intermittent: 15A (10s)
Resistance: Minimum 10Ω, maximum 100Ω
Voltage Accumulation: voltage at AVR terminal> 5VAC
External Voltage Adjustment: +/- 7% (1KΩ1watt trimmer)
Unit Power Consumption: 8W maximum
Under Frequency Protection 60Hz system presets inflection point to 57Hz
50Hz system presets the inflection point to 47Hz (factory setting)

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