MG-120 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 120MM

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The mechanical gauge combines the level measurement and level display into one unit without the need for a power supply. This makes it ideal for use with any generator or alternator fuel tank. The robust units are made from an aluminium alloy which is resistant to the liquid in the fuel tank and will function at around 95 or higher accuracy.

There are a number of different sizes to suit the applicable tank ranging from the MG-120mm through to the MG-700mm. They are manufactured with a standard M45 x 2 thread which is made to fit most fuel tanks. If the tank has imperial threads the range also comes in a standard BSP 1 and a half thread.
Mounting and Range of the MG-120 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 120MM
The gauge has an optional flange mounting which is either a standard 6 hole flange or a welding flange. This means that the gauge can be fitted to almost any tank currently available on the market. The gauge can be fitted with an alarm system to notify the user when the liquid is low. Mechanical gauges are used on many fuel tanks as the generator needs fuel to run and without knowing the precise amount of fuel in the tank it is difficult to calculate how many hours of use are left. These units are manufactured to the highest standards.  The screwing torque is between 300 and 400 Newton metres. The length range of the Mechanic gauge is between 200 and 700mm.
Optional extras
The MG-120 mechanical fual gauge can be fitted with a high or low level alarm switch which can be set at 1 / 10 or 9 / 10 level. The alarm current is 0.05 Amps.  The gauge has a diameter of 62mm. The operating temperature is between -45 degrees Celsius up to 80 degrees Celsius. A generator that has run out of fuel is useless and for this reason a very affordable mechanical fuel level gauge will ensure that you will know at a glance of how much fuel is in the tank. An alarm switch will notify you of a low level of fuel and enable you to fill up the tank immediately to avoid losing power. Order your MG-120 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 120MM online or, contact Generator Parts today.

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