MG-200 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 200MM

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The MG mechanical gauge is a standard basic level measure. It is designed to work in the most simplest way yet be extremely accurate. It will provide a reading with a 95 % accuracy. The gauge is designed of high quality metal and plastic and made in such a way that the float on the gauge is free to rise and fall without getting stuck. This allows for accurate reading of the dial at all times. These gauges come in different lengths and range from 120mm up to 940mm long. They are corrosion free and can be used in such diverse liquids as water, oil and fuel.
Benefits of the MG – 200 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 200MM
This unit is operated without any need for a power supply. The body is made of high quality aluminium alloy. The dial is an easily read black and white dial with highly defined measurements that can be seen from a distance.  The float on the inside of the gauge rises and falls with the level of the liquid and thus moves the needle on the dial. It has few moving parts and has therefore minimal components which could fail. These are possibly the most reliable measuring gauges available. They are accurate and will allow the user to correctly estimate when the tank needs refilling. They are fitted to the tank by means of a flange which can be either a screw on type or a weld on flange.
Characteristics of the MG – 200 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 200MM
The unit has a dial on top with highly visible numbers and a float on guide unit. The guide unit has a twist to allow the float to move without getting stuck. The materials that are used have been chosen for their durability and strength. The gauge can be used on plastic or metal tanks and is easily fitted into place. The unit is compact and takes up little space which makes it ideal for all kinds of tanks where measurement of liquid is essential to the working of the machine. Order an MG – 200 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 200MM online or, contact Generator Parts today.

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