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MG-250 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 250MM

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All generators require fuel as well as oil or water to enable them to run efficiently. The worst possible situation would be when there is a power outage and the standby generator will not work due to lack of fuel. To prevent such problems occurring a mechanical gauge should be fitted to all fuel, oil and water tanks. This allows the operator to see at a glance what the level of the tank is. The water and oil used in cooling the engine are equally as important as the fuel. If these levels are low the engine could overheat and would not be able to produce power.
Characteristics of MG – 250 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 250MM
The mechanical gauge requires no power supply and can be fitted to any suitable tank. There are flanges for plastic and metal tanks which can be screwed or welded onto the tank. The gauges are screwed into the flange and have a standard thread. They are available in many different sizes, from 120mm up to 940mm. The length of the gauge depends entirely on the depth of the tank. In a plastic tank there should be approximately 25mm between the bottom of the tank and the beginning of the gauge. In a metal tank the distance between tank and gauge should be approximately 12.5mm. The gauge dial is highly visible in black numerals on a white face.
Benefits of using an MG – 250 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 250MM
The gauge body is made of corrosion resistant aluminium alloy which is strong and durable. The centre guide for the float has a twist which prevents the float from sticking. This is one of the most reliable units available at a very reasonable price. There is a model of mechanical gauge which has sensors that will sound an alarm when the level drops to a very low point. This is a more sophisticated unit and needs a power supply to operate. The simple MG series will work with a 95 % accuracy rate and as there are very few moving parts, will seldom if ever break down. Order an MG – 250 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 250MM online or, contact Generator Parts today.

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