MG-300 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 300MM

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The MG – 300 mechanical gauge combines level measurement and level display into one unit without the need for a power supply. As it is mechanical it is very reliable with little that can go wrong with the unit. It is simple and easy to install. The large face makes it easy to read and levels can be noted at a glance. The body of the unit is made from an aluminium alloy which is corrosion resistant and strong. The float simply slides up and down the inside of the frame as the level of the liquid changes. The unit is accurate to within 5 {0ccce4a5d9de31f7b71b100574ca4c8100788d2fb4564b829b6ca746c4b1f3b0} and will continue displaying the level for many years.
Technical specifications of the MG – 300 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 300MM
The gauge comes with standard threads to enable quick and easy installation to the fuel tank. There are two types of thread, the standard metric M45 x 2 and the imperial BSP one and a half inch thread. The MG series comes in a range of lengths from 120mm long up to 700mm long to suit fuel tanks of all depths. There is another option for mounting the unit if there is no threaded hole on the tank. An aluminium flange with 6 holes is available with screws to hold it in place and the mechanical gauge can be threaded into it. If the unit cannot be screwed into the tank then there is a welding flange which can accommodate the mechanical gauge. The gauge has an operating temperature of between -40 degrees Celsius up to 85 degrees Celsius. The screwing torque is 300 to 400 Neuton metres.
Uses of the MG – 300 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 300MM
This unit can be used for fuel tanks for generator or to measure the level of water tanks. Just about any liquid can be measured by this versatile and very affordable product. Wherever there is a need for a constant level measurement and there is no power supply, this unit is ideally suited. The dial is a good size at 62mm diameter and the numbers are clear and easily read from a distance. Order your MG – 300 Mechanical Fuel Gauge – 300MM online or, contact Generator Parts today.

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