MGS-120 Mechanical Gauge with Sensor Alarm – 120MM

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The shortest of the mechanical gauges, the MGS-120 is only 120mm long and can be used in small, shallow tanks. These tanks may contain water, oil or fuel and the mechanical gauge is suited to all these liquids. This gauge has an alarm sensor which will warm the user of a low or high level in the liquid. A gauge of some sort is necessary for almost all tanks as the level can rarely be seen. To avoid damage to the generator a measuring gauge needs to be fitted so that the generator does not run out of oil, water or fuel.
Characteristics of the MGS – 120 Mechanical Gauge with Sensor Alarm – 120MM
The gauge can be placed in a position where it is possible to view the level at a glance. It is easily installed and has been made of materials that are corrosion resistant. The float has been designed to be unlikely to stick and will provide accurate readings within 5 %. The sensor adds to the reliability of the unit by providing an extra failsafe measure. The alarm switch will give a reading of 1 / 10 and 9 / 10 and only requires 0.5 Amps to operate. The thread size is standard metric M45 and imperial BSP 1 and a half inch thread.
Benefits of the MGS – 120 Mechanical Gauge with Sensor Alarm – 120MM
The very versatile units come in a range beginning at 120mm and rising through 50mm increments to 940mm. This makes them suitable for any size of tank. The can be installed to metal or plastic tanks by means of either a screw on 6 hole flange or a weld on metal flange. The flange sizes are standard and will take either a mechanical gauge without a sensor and needing no power supply or the mechanical gauge with a power supply. The standard mechanical gauge can therefore be upgraded with no change of flange to a unit with an alarm switch. These durable and strong mechanical gauges will give problem free readings for a lengthy period of time. Order an MGS-120 Mechanical Gauge with Sensor Alarm – 120MM online or, contact Generator Parts today.

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