MGS-200 Mechanical Fual Gauge with Sensor Alarm – 200MM

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This unit has a sensor for detecting high and low levels of static liquid in the generator. They could be water or fuel. The main benefit of this unit is that although the gauge is very simple in design and extremely reliable it also has the alarm so that it will instantly notify the user when the level needs adjusting. If there are many generators running it may be difficult to keep a close eye on all of them and a sensor alarm will quickly identify which generator needs attention. The gauge integrates the function of level measuring and level display directly. The levels of the tank can be monitored long distance with the sensor alarm feature.
Technical specifications of the MGS – 200 Mechanical Fual Gauge with Sensor Alarm – 200MM
This gauge is 200mm long and will fit into a tank of this depth. The gauge is threaded for screwing into a tank fitting. The threads are standard metric threads of M45 x 2 or imperial size BSP 1 and a half inch. The recommended screwing torque is 300 to 400 Neuton metres.  If there is no standard thread attachment on the tank a flange option is available. This can be secured by means of six screws of it can be attached by welding it to the tank. The alarm current is below 0.5 Amps and the alarm point can be set at a level of 1/10 or 9/10. The operating temperature is between -40 degrees Celsius and 85 degrees Celsius. The integrated precision of the instrument is 5.
Characteristics of the MGS – 200 Mechanical Fual Gauge with Sensor Alarm – 200MM
The unit is robust and easy to use with very little that can go wrong with it. It is made of an aluminium alloy which ensures durability and a long working life. There are a number of different sizes available to suit almost all tanks. They range from 120mm long up to 700mm long and all use the same thread sizes of M45 x 2 for metric threads and BSP one and a half inch for Imperial threads.  Order your MGS – 200 Mechanical Fual Gauge with Sensor Alarm – 200MM online or, contact Generator Parts today.

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