MX321GP Stamford Automatic Voltage Regulator

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The MX321 AVR is a three phase sensed Automatic Voltage Regulator and forms part of the excitation system for a brush-less generator. Excitation power is derived from a three-phase permanent magnet generator (PMG), to isolate the AVR control circuits from the effects of nonlinear loads and to reduce radio frequency interference on the generator terminals.
Where can it be used?
The MX321-2 automatic voltage regulator is used on larger Stamford generator alternator ends. These units are installed as a standard from factory on alternator ends HC6 and P7 Stamford frames. This regulator allows 3 phase sensing which is constantly sensing the voltages across all 3 lines vs just 2 lines like on other standard AVRs. As an added benefit, the regulator allows quadrature droop input, and this enables the chance for multiple synchronising across many generator sets. They are mainly used on Cummins Power Generation (CPG), Onan, Broadcrown and Hipower/Himoinsa generator sets.
Specifications of MX321 Stamford Automatic Voltage Regulator
The AVR provides closed loop control by sensing the alternator output voltage at the main stator windings and adjusting the exciter stator field strength. Voltage induced in the exciter rotor, rectified by the rotating diodes, magnetises the rotating main field which induces voltage in the main stator windings. A separately-excited AVR is independently powered from a separate permanent magnet generator (PMG), which is mounted on the main alternator rotor shaft. Voltage is induced in the stator of the PMG by a rotor of permanent magnet.

Voltage sensing: 190-264 VAC, 2 or 3 phase
Frequency:  50 or 60 hz
Field Output: 120 VDC max, 2.7 A
Voltage Regulation: +/- .5
PMG Excited

The AVR automatically maintains generator output terminal voltage at a set value under varying loads and operating temperatures. It controls output by sensing the voltage (V out) at a power-generating coil and comparing it to a stable reference. The error signal is then used to adjust an average value of the field current. All Stamford AVR’s are encapsulated to provide protection against moisture, salt and sand in the atmosphere and are mounted on anti-vibration mounts for mechanical protection from engine vibrations. Order your MX321 AVR Stamford from IEP Power Products now!

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