MX450GP Stamford Automatic Voltage Regulator

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There are many factors that contribute the need for automatic voltage regulation. The basic reason is purely financial and using one avoids the costs associated with equipment damage and downtime caused by poor voltage levels. It is very difficult for the power supply to remain regular. Where you are on the line and the time of day can all cause voltage level changes. This is besides the unavoidable total power failure which does happen from time to time. Many electronic machines are permanently damaged to the extent of irreparability by such voltage fluctuations. The high voltage can cause overheating which is cumulative and irreversible. Frequent episodes of mild overheating can result in the same amount of component damage as a few episodes of severe overheating.
Characteristics of MX450 Stamford Automatic Voltage Regulator
This unit has the following:

Stability adjustment
Under frequency roll off adjustment
Droop adjustment
Over excitation adjustment
Optimum response selection
Dip adjustment
Trim adjustment

Technical specifications of MX450 Stamford Automatic Voltage Regulator
The sensing input has a voltage range of between 190 to 264 Volt ac Max with single phase 2 wire. The frequency is 50 or 60 Hertz nominal. The power input for a permanent magnet synchronous generator is between 140 to 220 Volt ac max for three phase, three wire with a continuous current of 3Amps per phase and nominal frequency of 100 to 120 Hertz. The output voltage is a maximum of 120 Volts dc with continuous current of 3.7 Amps with intermittent 6 Amps for 10 seconds. The resistance is a minimum of 15 Ohms and it has a regulation of around 1. The unit is very reasonably priced and is durable and well suited to arduous work. Modern automatic voltage regulators had become imperative to control the voltage to factory machinery. There are many factories that have some components on every machine that is electronic and an automatic voltage regulator should be standard equipment on all generators.  These solid state devices are a huge improvement on the old electromechanical systems as they have a rapid reaction time and automatically adjust the voltage before any damage can be done.

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