R250GP Alternative Leroy-Somer Automatic Voltage Regulator

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This very neat automatic voltage regulator is another of the wonderful Leroy-Somer units that have been designed to work with Leroy-Somer alternator. It must be installed inside the unit so that the cover can provide IP20 minimum total protection and must be installed in the appropriate location so that when viewed externally it has a higher degree of protection than IP20. It is a SHUNT excitation system which is auto excited by the AVR. The regulator controls the excitation current according to the alternator’s output voltage. With a very simple conception, the SHUNT excitation alternator does not have a short circuit capacity. This fabulous American manufactured automatic voltage regulator is durable and if used in the right way will last for a long time.
General Characteristics and Specifications of the R250 Leroy-Somer Automatic Voltage Regulator
The modern Automatic voltage regulator uses solid state devices. It is a feedback control system that measures the output voltage of an alternator. The voltage is compared to a set point and adjusts automatically the excitation current. As the excitation current in the field winding increases its terminal voltage will increase. The AVR controls the current by using power electronic devices. Some of the characteristics of the R250 AVR are:

Storage temperature of -55 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius
Operating temperature of -40 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius
Supply range or volt age detection of 85 to 139 volts at 50 or 60 Hertz
Rapid response time for voltage variation
Power supply protection by 8 amp fuse

Disposal and recycling of R250 Leroy-Somer Automatic Voltage Regulator
At some stage the unit will need replacing and the manufacturer has designed the unit with this in mind. The alternators are mostly constructed from Iron, steel and copper materials which can be reclaimed for recycling. The unit can be dismantled manually or mechanically and melted to regain the metal. The electronic materials in the terminal box including the automatic voltage regulator, current transformers, interference suppression module and other semi conductors as well as the diode bridge and surge suppressor should be sent to specialized disposal companies who can dismantle and reclaim some of the materials.

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