R448GP Alternative Leroy-Somer Automatic Voltage Regulator

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An automatic voltage regulator allows the user to set the voltage required on the input of power to machinery. This protects the machines from a voltage spike or drop, both of which will damage sensitive electronic components. The AVR will sustain the set voltage and maintain a constant voltage level. The voltage remains constant even though the load on the generator changes. The first voltage regulators were electromechanical systems but the modern automatic voltage regulator is a solid state system. It is a feed back control system that measures the output voltage of the generator. It compares this with a set point and generates an error signal that is used to adjust the excitation of the generator.
Benefits of the R448 Leroy-Somer Automatic Voltage Regulator
All machinery protected by the AVR will receive a constant voltage and the AVR will control current by using power electronic devices. Generally a small part of the generator’s output is used to provide current for the field winding. Where a generator is connected in parallel with other sources changing excitation has more of an effect on the reactive power produced by the generator than on its terminal voltage. These units are of immense importance in protecting modern machinery.
Characteristics of the R448 Leroy-Somer Automatic Voltage Regulator
This unit has shunt power supply of a maximum 150 Volts at 50 or 60 Hertz. It has electronic protection in the event of an overload, short circuit or loss of voltage sensing and acts to restore the value of the excitation current to 1 Amp after 10 seconds. The alternator or generator must be stopped in order to reset the protection. It has voltage sensing of 5VA and voltage regulation of around 0.5 %. It has voltage adjustment via a potentiometer and has quadruple droop adjustment for generators in parallel. It also has an adjustable response time and excitation current ceiling. It also incorporates a soft start function which allows the load to rise without undue stress on the power units.

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Alternative Leroy-Somer

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