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The RSK2001GP Rectifier Assembly Base is manufactured for use in the UC22/27 range of alternators of brushless rotating field design. The rectifier converts alternating current induced in the exciter rotor into direct current to magnetise the main rotor poles. The rectifier comprises two semi-circular annular positive and negative plates each with 3 diodes. In addition to connecting to the main rotor, the direct current output of the rectifier also connects to a varistor. The varistor protects the rectifier from voltage spikes and surge voltage that may be present on the rotor under various loading conditions of the alternator. Diodes provide a low resistance to current in one direction only.
Replacement of the diodes in the rectifier assembly
The diodes are either negative or positive and must be fitted to the corresponding plate. After disconnecting the diodes at the terminal end test the units individually and measure the voltage drop across the diode in the forward direction using the diode test function on a multimeter. Then measure the resistance across the diode in the reverse direction. If any of the diodes are faulty replace the full set of six diodes in the rectifier. First remove all the diodes then place a small amount of heat sink compound only to the base of the replacement diodes. Check the polarity of the diodes to make sure that the positive diodes are fitted to the positive plate and the negative diodes to the negative plate.
Benefits of using the RSK2001GP Rectifier Assembly Base
The rectifier kit is substantially cheaper than a new rectifier. The components are easy to replace and in essence will provide a new rectifier at a reduced price. One of the most important uses of diodes is to prevent circuit damage due to electromotive force. This is a momentary change in the direction of the flow of electricity when machines such as generators and alternators are switched off. The diodes are easily recognisable as either positive or negative. Diodes are usually marked in colour code and writing with their individual voltage and current tolerances. Order your RSK2001 base rectifier assembly from Generator Parts today.

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