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The RSK5001 base rectifier kit is made for use in Stamford alternators. It can be used in the HCI434, HCI534, HCM434 and HCM534 models. The base rectifier assembly is made to fit on the alternator rotor and it contains 3 positive diodes, 3 negative diodes, a surge suppressor and a plate. These components are mounted in parallel with the revolving field coil. Once the base rectifier assembly is correctly assembled it is attached to the main rotor of the alternator. The components should be fitted to the plate using a calibrated torque wrench as the diodes are delicate and need the correct torque to ensure good mechanical and electrical contact.
Benefits of the RSK5001GP Rectifier Assembly Base
The main benefit of the base rectifier assembly is the price. It costs substantially less than a new rectifier. In order to ascertain whether the diodes or the varistor are faulty a multimeter should be used. The flexible leads on each diode should be disconnected at the terminal end and the forward and reverse resistance for each measured. The varistor should be checked in the same way. If any of the components are found to be faulty all the items should be replaced. All diodes should be replaced even if only one is faulty and the varistor or surge suppressor should be replaced at the same time. Care should be taken to replace the positive and negative diodes on the corresponding plates.
Benefits of using the RSK5001GP Rectifier Assembly Base
The kit is made especially for Stamford alternators and generators and contains the identical components that are found in the original rectifier. Changing the parts, which will weaken over time depending on the amount of surges experienced, will in effect provide a new rectifier and providing the parts are correctly fitted it should work as new. Check the markings and colours of the diodes to establish the correct direction of electrical flow. As it is difficult to visually assess the surge suppressor’s condition it should be changed as a matter of course. Order a RSK5001 base rectifier assembly from Generator Parts today.

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