RSK6001GP Rectifier Assembly Diode Kit

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This RSK6001GP Rectifier Assembly Diode Kit is manufactured for Stamford Generators and is used on the HCI434, HCI534, HCM434 and HCM534 models. The diode kit is made to fit on the generator ends and contains 3 positive diodes, 3 negative diodes and a surge suppressor. Theses diodes included are responsible for providing power to the Alternator rotor so it can induce voltage to the main windings of a Stamford alternator. A faulty diode may produce several failing conditions that will cause further damage to the alternator, including increased excitation which may damage the exciter rotor, or loss of voltage that will end up causing overload to the voltage regulator. All the components of this kit are mounted in parallel with the revolving field coil. Once the diode kit is assembled it is attached to the main rotor of the alternator. The unit should be fitted using a calibrated torque wrench as the unit is delicate and needs the correct torque to work efficiently. These units are useful when needing to replace a diode that has blown in a rectifier. Replacement of all relevant parts is easiest, as it is often difficult to determine which diode is faulty.
Diode replacement with a RSK6001GP Rectifier Assembly Diode Kit
To determine which diodes are faulty on the main rectifier assembly, they can be checked with a multimeter. The flexible leads connected to each diode should be disconnected at the terminal end and the forward and reverse resistance for each then measured. The rectifier assembly is split into two plates, positive and negative, and the main rotor is connected across these plates. Each plate has 3 diodes, and the negative plate carries the negative based diodes and the positive plate carries the positive based diodes. Blown diodes must be replaced with the correct units.
Main benefits of using a RSK6001GP Rectifier Assembly Diode Kit
These kits are made for Stamford alternators and generators and are far more cost effective than purchasing a new rectifier. They contain the identical components that are already in the rectifier. Changing the parts will ensure that the user has in essence a new rectifier and providing the components are correctly replaced the rectifier should work as new. Check the markings on the diodes to establish the correct direction of electrical flow. The components are relatively easy to replace and once installed will ensure that the rectifier unit operates correctly. The surge suppressor will not affect the working of the unit but is an important component. Order a RSK6001 diode kit from Generator Parts today.

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