SMA3000-0005 Genset Controller

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This unit uses micro processing techniques which carry out precise measurements as well as constant value adjustments with timing and threshold settings. All the parameters can be adjusted from the front panel or through USB interface to a PC. It can be widely used in all types of generator automatic control systems. It is robust and durable and has a compact structure. The connections are very simple and easy to use and the unit is extremely reliable. The SMA3000-0005 Genset Controller has an automatic start module and controls the generator by a remote start signal.

Please Note: The SMA3000-0005 Genset Controller does not have the Mains AC Voltage Terminal. If it’s required then you’ll have to look at the SMA3000-0006 that does have the Mains AC Voltage Terminal.
Characteristics of the SMA3000-0005 Genset Controller
The unit is a 132 x 64 LCD with backlight and an optional language interface which includes English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian. It is highly adaptable from 3phase 4 wire to single phase 2 wire, 3 phase 3 wire or 2 phase 3 wire. It will display and measure 3 phase voltage as well as 3 phase current and frequency and power. It has over and under voltage protection and will display precise measurements of engine parameters. The parameter settings allow the user to modify the parameters to suit their unique requirements and the unit will store set parameters. Temperature and pressure sensors can be set by the user. The power supply range is between 8 and 35 VDC. Digital modulation is used instead of conventional potentiometers which provide a more precise and exact setting.
Specifications of the SMA3000-0005 Genset Controller

Overall consumption is less than 3 Watts
Voltage input is between 15VAC and 360 VAC
Frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz
Speed sensor voltage is 1V to 24V
Start relay output is 5 Amp at 28VDC power supply
Working temperatures are between -25 degrees Celsius up to 70 degrees Celsius
Storage temperatures are between -25 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius
Protection level is IP55

The unit only weighs 0,26kg and is small and compact. It has 7 buttons on the face which are the stop reset button, the start button and a manual mode button. There is a button to set auto mode and a set / confirm button. There are also up and down buttons.

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