SMA3000-0007 Genset Controller

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This SMA3000-0007 Genset Controller are used for genset automation and monitor control system of single units to achieve automatic start/stop, data measuring, alarm protection and “three remote” (remote control, remote measuring and remote communication). The controller adopts large liquid crystal display (LCD) and selectable languages interface with easy and reliable operation.

The SMA3000-0007 Genset Controller adopts 32-bit micro-processor technology with parameters measuring, fixed value adjustment, time setting and threshold adjusting and etc. The majority of parameters can be set using front panel and all the parameters can be set using a PC (Via USB port) and can be adjusted and monitored with the help of RS485 ports. It can be widely used in a number of automatic genset control system with compact structure, simple connections and high reliability.
SMA3000-0007 Genset Controller Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage: DC8.0V to 35.0V Continuous power supply
Power Consumption: <3W (Standby <2W) Alternator Frequency: 50/60Hz Start Relay Output: 16Amp DC28V at supply output Fuel Relay Output: 16Amp DC28V at supply output Case Dimension: 197mm x 152mm x 47mm Protection Level: IP55 when waterproof rubber ring is installed between controller and control panel, IP42 without rubber ring. Weight: 0.75kg SMA3000-0007 Genset Controller Performance Characteristics 132 x 64 LCD with backlight Improved LCD wear-resistance and scratch resistance Silicon panel and push buttons for better operation in high-temperature enviroments RS485 communication port enabling remote control, remote measuring, remote communication via ModBus protocol (controller with RS485 port only) Equipped with sms (Short Message Service) function. When genset is alarming, controller can send short messages via SMS automaticlly to max 5 cellphone numbers Generator status can be controlled and checked using SMS (Controlled with GSM port only) Monitor frequently-used data such as water temperature, oil pressure, speed, fuel consumption, starting up, shutdown, speed raise and speed drop via Canbus Suitable for 3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, single pahse 2-wire, and 2-phase 3-wire systems with voltage 120/240 and frequency 50/60Hz 3 fixed analog sensors (temperature, oil pressure and fuel level) 2 configurable sensors can be set as sensor for temperature or fuel level Waterproof security level IP55 due to rubber seal installed between the controller and enclosure and panel fascia

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