SMA3000-0008 Genset Controller with Cambus

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This series of SMA3000-0008 Genset Controllers are designed to be used for generator automation and monitoring. It is used on a single unit to achieve automatic start/stop, data measure, alarm protection. It also has a remote control, remote measuring and remote communication feature. The controller has a large liquid crystal display and a selection of languages amongst which are English and Chinese. The controller uses 32 bits micro processor technology with precision parameters which measure fixed value adjustment, time setting as well as threshold adjustment and more. The majority of the parameters can be set using the front panel and all the parameters can be set using a PC via a USB port. These can be monitored and adjusted with the help of RS485 ports. It can be widely used in an automatic genset control system as it has a compact structure with simple connections and is extremely reliable.
Technical Specifications of the SMA3000-0008 Genset Controller with Cambus

Power Supply is 8 to 35 Volts DC
Operating temperature is between -25 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius
The unit case dimensions are 197m x 152mm x 47mm
Weight of the unit is 0.75kg

Performance Characteristics of the SMA3000-0008 Genset Controller with Cambus
The unit is highly reliable with ARM based 32 bit CPU and integrated hardware. The 132 x64 LED screen is backlit with a multilingual interface. The LED is wear resistant and scratch resistant. The panel and buttons are made of silicon to enable better use in high temperature environments. The unit is equipped with an SMS function which enables it to send messages to up to 5 phone numbers in case of alarms or malfunctions. Generator status can be controlled and checked using the SMS system, if GSM module is installed. The unit has over and under voltage functions as well as over and under frequency functions.  There are 3 fixed analogue sensors which monitor the temperature, oil pressure and liquid level. These sensors can be set to your individual specifications. Parameters can be modified and stored and different configurations can be selected via the input port. The unit has a waterproof security level of IP55.

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