SR7-2GGP Mecc Alte Automatic Voltage Regulator

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This Italian automatic voltage regulator is compact and extremely durable. This modern automatic voltage regulator uses solid state devices to measure the voltage output of the generator or alternator. It comes equipped with a number of potentiometers. The voltage potentiometer adjusts the voltage generated by the alternator in an easy to use way. Turning it clock wise or anticlockwise increases or decreases the voltage. The potentiometer for stability optimises the alternator performance. This should be set when the generator or alternator is running but is at zero load. It can then be adjusted using the filament lamp light which oscillates when the generator is unstable. Turn the potentiometer slowly back until the light stabilises. The Hertz potentiometer is normally pre-calibrated and then sealed by the manufacturer but it is possible to adjust the low frequency protection intervention.
Benefits and Characteristics of the SR7-2G Mecc Alte Automatic Voltage Regulator
There is also an Amp potentiometer which allows the user to adjust the intervention level of the overload protection. This protection system has an overload delay which permits a temporary overload which happens when the motor starts up. When modifying the protection the generator or alternator should be overloaded to about 15 of the nominal load. The potentiometer should be turned to the minimum setting. After 20 seconds the voltage value will decrease.  Then fix the generator or alternator voltage value at 10 of the nominal load. The SR7-2G automatic voltage regulator comes equipped with a fuse which protects the alternator from overheating in cases of regulator malfunction. The fuse is easily replaced if it blows.
Specifications of the SR7-2G Mecc Alte Automatic Voltage Regulator
The voltage supply can vary between 80 to 270 Vac although different connections should be used for 80 to 160 Vac and 160 to 270 Vac.  Sensing can vary from between 80 to 350 Vac and is single phase only and is therefore normally only connected to one alternator phase.  Once the machine is properly calibrated for your particular needs it should run efficiently and protect your machinery for many years to come.

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