TN/L3 170 TN Sensor – L3 Series Fuel Gauge 170MM

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The TN L3 – 170 sensor is manufactured from stainless steel. It uses fluid buoyancy and magnetic induction to measure the liquid level. The sensor provides very precise measurements and is corrosion resistant and leak proof. It is primarily used in the oil tank of a genset. The unit has been designed for ease of installation and to conform to the shape of the tank. The L3 sensor takes the measurements with a series of reed switches which are positioned inside the level tube. The float has built in magnets which trigger the reed relays which give a value that increases or decreases according to the fluid level. The float is the only moving part in the unit and therefore reduces the possibility of mechanical failure.
Technical specifications for the TN/L3 170 TN Sensor – L3 Series Fuel Gauge 170MM
All sensors are fully insulated to protect against voltage inside the tank. The mounting is an SAE standard 5 or 6 hole flange. The length options range from 150mm to 700mm. Rated power is 125mW and the rated current for the alarm switch is 0.5 Amp. The wires are covered by PVC although a corrugated pipe cover is available. The output resistance control signal is European standard 0 – 190 Ohms and American standard 240 to 33 Ohms. The operating temperature is from minus 40 degrees Celsius up to 85 degrees Celsius.
Benefits of using the TN/L3 170 TN Sensor – L3 Series Fuel Gauge 170MM
This unit is affordable and manufactured to very high standards. The sensor connector can use a number of different units including Delphi and Tyco. The L3 – 170 TN sensor has a nylon filter on this suck and return unit. An alarm can be fitted to the unit to inform the user when the level reaches a certain point. This is easily set by the user. There is no dial in the device which allows for a flush fitting on the tank.  Extremely precise level measurements are relayed automatically. There are a variety of tube lengths to fit any tank. Unit is made of stainless steel for strength and durability. Order your TN/L3 170 TN Sensor – L3 Series Fuel Gauge 170MM online or, contact Generator Parts today.

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