TN/L3 250 TN Sensor – L3 Series Fuel Gauge 250MM

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The simple but efficient design of the TN L3 250 TN Sensor L3 series 250mm unit makes it particularly sort after. The clean lines and easy installation is partnered with a stainless steel body making it very durable. The TN sensor uses fluid buoyancy and magnetic induction to accurately measure liquid levels in oil tanks in generator sets. The sensor is designed according to the actual tank shape making for a more effective and exact measurement. The measurements are done by a series of reed switches positioned inside the level tube. The reed switches are hermetically sealed which makes them ideal for any liquid as they are corrosion resistant. The magnetic field in the sensor level float causes them to open and close and provide extremely accurate measurements.
Technical specifications of the TN/L3 250 TN Sensor – L3 Series Fuel Gauge 250MM
The unit has a rated power of 125mW and the rated current for the alarm switch is 0.5 Amp. The L3 series comes in a range of lengths to fit most tanks. The range is from 150mm up to 700mm.The unit is flange mounted with standard 5 or 6 holes. The output signal resistance is European standard 0 – 190 Ohms or American standard 240 to 33 Ohms. These denote the empty and full levels of the tank. The operating temperature is between -40 degrees Celsius up to 85 degrees Celsius. The resolution range is between 10 – 40mm. The wires are covered with PVC material and a PA corrugated pipe cover is optional.
Benefits of using the TN/L3 250 TN Sensor – L3 Series Fuel Gauge 250MM
The sensor is corrosion resistant and leak proof and is fully insulated against voltage inside the tank. The float is the only moving part in the unit making it highly unlikely to experience any mechanical faults. The unit has a nylon filter over the open end to protect against particles causing problems with the float. This unit is accurate and very reasonably priced with a reputation of giving many years of hassle free service. Order your TN/L3 250 TN Sensor – L3 Series Fuel Gauge 250MM online or, contact generator Parts today.

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