UVR6GP Mecc-Alte Automatic Voltage Regulator

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This stylish Italian manufactured automatic voltage regulator is an advanced blue print electronic regulator that ensures exceptional performance of the alternator while running and during start up. The regulator is designed with a complete protection system against operating conditions that may be arduous for many machines. The UVR6 is suitable for all Mecc Alte alternators and is standard for power outputs above or equal to 85KVA on both three phase and single phase. The elements of this regulator are modern utilising solid state integrated circuit technology. The components were designed to guarantee maximum durability and reliability. The entire unit is sealed into a relatively small casing that has been filled with resin to protect the delicate electronics against vibration and any water ingress.
Technical characteristics of the UVR6 Mecc-Alte Automatic Voltage Regulator
The supply to the regulator can be from 170 to 270 Volts ac or from 80 to 160 Volts ac and can be separate from the sensing. The regulator is equipped with three different sensing inputs which measure up to three different machine voltages and allows monitoring of one or three phases. The voltage can be adjusted with a potentiometer .  The regulator is equipped with a stability potentiometer with which it is possible to vary the regulator reply in a way that limits the swing and obtains a minimum voltage reset time at nominal value after the release of a load. The voltage remains within about 1 of the pre-set value when passing from zero to full load.
Protection and usage fields of the UVR6 Mecc-Alte Automatic Voltage Regulator
The UVR6 is equipped with two protection systems. A delayed protection for overload which lights up the yellow LED, and a low speed protection which lights up a red LED. Both systems have an intervention threshold that can be adjusted  using the respective potentiometers. This will cause an output voltage decrease that reduces the excitation current of the machine and therefore reduces overheating of the exciter rotor. There is a delay on the overload protection that allows for increased voltage on start up.

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