VR6GP Caterpillar Automatic Voltage Regulator

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Manufactured by one of the world’s leading companies, the VR6 AVR is proven in reliability and ease of use. The VR6 has been made for use with self Excited and Permanent Magnet Excited generators. This compact unit is a feedback control system that measures the output voltage of the generator. It compares the output voltage to a set point and sends a signal to adjust the excitation of the generator if any difference is found. As the excitation current in the field winding of the generator increases its terminal voltage will increase. The AVR will control current by using power electronic devices. The modern AVR uses solid state devices as opposed to the older electromechanical systems and are generally far superior in both operating efficiency and durability.
Features of the VR6 Caterpillar Automatic Voltage Regulator
It has an over excitation shutdown and a solid state voltage build up. Three phase or single phase sensing is standard. It boasts a compact package size with a moisture proof assembly and is mechanically very rugged like most of the Caterpillar products. It has a fast reaction time and adjustable frequency allowing variations from 45 Hertz to 65 Hertz. The VR6 AVR comes with a wide range of accessories. There is a series boost that is able to sustain the generator output at 300 rated current for a minimum of 10 seconds. A remote voltage adjust controls voltage levels with a 10 Ohm, 1 watt remotely mounted rheostat. There is a manual voltage control in case of a regulator failure. The stability adjustment allows the quickest response time to block loading while still maintaining steady state stability.
Technical specifications for the VR6 Caterpillar Automatic Voltage Regulator

The regulator response is less than 4 milliseconds
Three phase or single phase regulator sensing is available
The AVR will maintain precise control of output with up to 20 harmonic distortion
The voltage adjust range is from -25 to 10 of nominal
There is no minimum regulator build up voltage when used with PM generators
Over excitation protection
Weighs only 1.8kg

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